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Stade Français Paris was founded in 1995, under the presidency of Max Guaziini, after the merger of the rugby sections of two Parisian omnisport clubs, the Stade Français and CASG. The Stade Français had been founded in 1883 by students in the Latin Quarter at the café "Le Procope". The team had many internationals in its ranks and won eight national titles between 1893 and 1908. CASG, founded in 1903, also had many internationals in its ranks throughout its existence. Determined to revive high-level club rugby in Paris, Max Guazzini set about building the club and rooting it in the capital: his love affair with Paris had begun! Taken over by the German entrepreneur Dr Hans-Peter Wild, Stade Français Paris is now in a new era with the ambition of winning back the most prestigious trophies and the hearts of Parisians and rugby fans alike.